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Here you can customize your photos with your favorite text in just a few seconds. Dare to melt the shield of your team with his hymn, to your favorite singer with the lyrics of their songs, a photo with a poem ...

You can share your photo with letters for free through facebook or twitter, or print it on a canvas or a poster. Order now your

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photo to text

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Do you want to make an original gift to someone special and don't know what?. Do you need to tell that person what you feel and an e-mail is simply not enough?. Surprise that person who deserves it so much with an original gift, touching and designed by you.

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Choose the image you want, type or copy and paste the text you like and you'll have your image turned into that text, just in a few clicks of a mouse.

You can purchase this image already printed and framed in a canvas or in a JPG file ready to be printed or sent by email.

Once printed, stay away a couple of yards to look at the image as a whole or get a yard closer to be able to read what that person wanted to tell you.

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